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    Milan, Italy

About Us

Naucrates Music is an indipendent music edition and record label

Our mission is to listen and select musical compositions to be included in our playlists. We are also committed to making the artists we select in our squad shine to the maximum.

Hits, musical projects, unedited and cover. Listen to our latest releasaes and save them among your favorite tracks. Send us your song, follow us on social networks, listen to our playlist.

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Classical / Relax Music
Pop / Indie
Jazz / Blues

Our Blog Blogs

Spennalist: the perfect playlist to pick you off

Is there a way to get streams up without hitting playlists from fake stream vendors? Is it possible to discover and exploit the Spotify algorithm formula?

The benefits of classical music

Classical music, as much appreciated as viewed with distrust. Let’s find out together what benefits listening to classical music compositions entails.

Ossesionstreams: when numbers become a disease

Have you released a single and spend day and night watching if the streams go up or not? Does the google history contain only phrases on how to increase streaming on digital stores?

Our Rules Rules

Explicit Lyrics

We do not allow songs with offensive, inappropriate or violent content in the playlist.


We don't play these genres in playlists: Hard Rock, Punk, Metal, Hardcore Techno, Trap, etc.


We tend not to include songs that have a duration of less than two minutes.

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To be included in our playlists it is essential to follow us on social newtwork.

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Listening to the playlist at least once helps us to put up with the artists who send us the songs.


The service is completely free. None of our staff is authorized to ask for money.

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