Have you released a single and spend day and night watching if the streams go up or not? Does the google history contain only phrases on how to increase streaming on digital stores?


If you answered yes to either question, you are most likely obsessed with streaming. Let’s be clear, being interested and understanding if your song likes the audience or not is normal. It would be strange if you were indifferent, but from the right approach to analyzing listening data to having an analytical attitude can be a moment. Many artists develop a real obsession with streaming that thinking that this is the only way to measure their artistic value. But is this the case?


Statistics are important, but they are only one of the many aspects that an artist must take into consideration to measure the effectiveness of the promotional strategy. Millions of streams are often expected from the very first publications, without however working on their fan page. It would be very strange that we publish a song where we receive a hundred thousand million streams and on social media the followers do not exceed 100 people. In very rare cases this has happened, in the recording world we never exclude anything regardless, but with some exceptions the rule is very different.

The worst thing that could happen is that we are so obsessed with numbers that we spend promos on playlists that promise “organic” sci-fi plays and then end up with the track blocked or even with the artist profile banned from all the stores. So how much did this investment cost you, which seemed so convenient?


Actually the number of streams next to your song says very little about an artist if it is not related to an engaging social page, real followers commenting on your posts, professional photos, updates on your activity as an artist, descriptions on yours songs, feelings on the lyrics and music and everything that in technical jargon can be called social management.


We’ve made several tips on how to create an artist profile. If you have a budget available, rely on professionals who can guide you on your path and create a solid fan base that listens to your songs because they like what you do. In the end, that’s what really matters to an artist.


  • Numbers are important but must be seen in the right context
  • Be wary of cheap promos with easy results but harmful to your artistic path
  • Enhance your fan base