Classical music, as much appreciated as viewed with distrust. Let’s find out together what benefits listening to classical music compositions entails.


By now it is widely known that most streaming music is listened to on Spotify. The popular Scandinavian digital music service allows users to stream songs, create and share playlists, discover new music through algorithm suggestions and more. Strengthened by this success, every musician who publishes music on Spotify looks for ways and strategies to increase their listening.

And as you write two, three keyword phrases on the first available search engine, so we begin to check articles from the most disparate hackers and streaming sellers. So between a pseudo IT explanation and an innovative scam-marketing technique they write that with just a few euros they can increase the number of listeners and organic streams on our musical profile.


Unfortunately, the truth is that the vast majority of these services are outright scams. In fact, these services do nothing but use automatic bots that repeatedly listen to your song (or more songs) placed in special playlists. In this way they generate an increase in streaming, but all this volume is real garbage. Wow, strong words!

Oh yes, in fact, not only does this type of practice violate the conditions of use of the streaming platform, but it can also cause serious damage to the artist profile. Spotify knowing well how certain services work and having a task force dedicated to avoiding illegal streaming, not only does it not pay a penny of that streaming but it could also cancel both the songs affected by the illegal practice but also (in serious and persistent cases) the artist profile .

Result? Lost money, time, reputation, songs, profile, etc… and then you want to say: “Eh but my singer cousin did it but nothing happened to him…”


So how exactly does the algorithm work? Know this answer and how to reveal the formula of Coca Cola. The service works with complex algorithms that sort songs based on several factors: artist, song length, time of year, genre, your activity on the platform, music genre, and more. Based on these parameters, playlists are generated. Let’s try to understand more.


Below are some playlists that can be generated through different algorithms on the personal page of those who use Spotify.

Discover Weekly. It is a personalized playlist which, based on some parameters, contains about 30 new and unknown songs for the user. If your song ends up in one of these playlists it will help you reach new fans.

Release Radar. It is a playlist updated every week with new songs that Spotify deems interesting. The Spotify algorithm analyzes user activities (listening, sharing, offline saving) to always suggest new and interesting songs.

Daily Mix. With this playlist Spotify offers a mix of new discoveries and goodies for true fans. The Daily Mix allows you to have a selection of new and old songs, all to listen to in casual mode.


This type of playlists are created by Spotify users who insert a series of songs into it, generally divided by theme (classical, jazz, Latin, lounge, etc …), and through an excellent marketing work they are shared and promoted with other users . True, it is often these playlists that are involved in fake streaming activities, but as in everything, we must not generalize by limiting our vision to black and white.

Stripping away the bad apples, many curators of these playlists do an excellent job of sorting and sharing. There are really serious promotional services that help the artist get in touch with the various curators. The latter may consider placing your song in the playlist for a certain number of days. Everything is handled professionally and these listens are done by real people and not automated bots. Knowing where to get and what services to use, this type of playlist is an excellent resource for making your music known and disseminated.


At this point what can be done? As explained in some of our articles (this and this one), you need to invest in promotion intelligently. Take care of your social profiles by referring to digital stores and in this specific case to Spotify. The platform provides some interesting tools for sharing your music.

If you have the opportunity, rely on professionals who can enhance your artist profile or look for partners with reliable services to spread your music. Sometimes it’s just about knowing how to wait. Solutions that promise everything immediately are those that often turn out to be the most unsuccessful in the end.


  • Be wary of promises of easy listening for a few euros
  • Invest your promotional budget wisely
  • Create content to grow your fanpage