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Spennalist: the perfect playlist to pick you off

Is there a way to get streams up without hitting playlists from fake stream vendors? Is it possible to discover and exploit the Spotify algorithm formula?

The benefits of classical music

Classical music, as much appreciated as viewed with distrust. Let’s find out together what benefits listening to classical music compositions entails.

Label VS Artist: love and hate

Artist and Label either get along in love and get along or they constantly clash worse than a couple on the verge of divorce. Can there be a professionally rewarding collaboration between artists and labels? Above all, is this collaboration really necessary?

Independent record labels 2.0: business opportunity or new board game?

Independent record label, what does this expression mean? Why is it often demonised by artists?

Blog Naucrates Music: strategy to increase SEO or interesting content?

Was another blog really necessary that talked about the recording world? Can you expect something new or will you find the same topics but with different words to help the site’s SEO search?