Was another blog really necessary that talked about the recording world? Can you expect something new or will you find the same topics but with different words to help the site’s SEO search?


A thick mysterious fog hovers behind the lights and spotlights of the stages and the fiber optic modems that download billions of data to stream music. When you look for information on the net related to the bureaucracy of the recording world, the results are often confused and conflicting.


As music publishers (and as we will see in a future article, also a record label), we have interfaced with many aspiring artists and professionals in the sector. We realized that between what people say they know and what the facts are, there is an abyss. We do not want to set ourselves up as an intellectual cement to bridge this gap but in this blog we will try to share our experience on some topics related to music. We hope in this way that you attentive reader can make his evaluations and your choices knowing also another opinion, the one who works behind the scenes. Then if all this writing increases our rankings on the search engines and all the fat is dripping.


We are not knowledgeable people, nor do we think we know more than others. For this we will try to present the contents with a lot of irony. We’re sure not everyone will like this, but now with the expansion of the internet, including Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web, you have plenty of choice to read the information you need on another blog.

We will cover various topics, from copyright to digital stores, from collecting companies to record labels (or labels), always trying to keep on track for the record world.

We spend very little time reviewing articles, most of them are written by starting with a main theme and then writing everything straight away. Then we just try to give a logical order of reading to the ideas. Where we can, we will also insert legal references, F.A.Q. and articles from external sources to corroborate what we write. For now we have set ourselves as a goal one article per month, we will see based on the various commitments if we can increase the frequency. Stay tuned!

We don’t want to bore you with long explanations or squeeze arguments to the bone. The basic idea is always to provide you with another point of view. So the invitation is to compare what we write with what others write. Beware of “my friend said …”, read up on, deepen, think with your head!


While we are blunt and ironic, we present the arguments in very clean language. We care a lot about this. Therefore, we will use the same editorial line to decide which comments to display and which not. It is not a question of fear of confrontation but we prefer to leave offensive phrases or provocations to the keyboard lions. We make music.


We’ll try to summarize each article with two or three key phrases. A sort of call to action and mnemonic support. Let’s get started right away:

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