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music edition

Spennalist: the perfect playlist to pick you off

Is there a way to get streams up without hitting playlists from fake stream vendors? Is it possible to discover and exploit the Spotify algorithm formula?

The benefits of classical music

Classical music, as much appreciated as viewed with distrust. Let’s find out together what benefits listening to classical music compositions entails.

Ossesionstreams: when numbers become a disease

Have you released a single and spend day and night watching if the streams go up or not? Does the google history contain only phrases on how to increase streaming on digital stores?

Collector’s company: let’s talk about Soundreef

How does Soundreef work? What are the advantages of subscribing to this latest generation collection?

Collector’s company: let’s talk about SIAE

How does SIAE work? What are the advantages of joining a world collecting institution?

Collectors’ society: the safes of copyright

What are collecting societies? What are they for? How many exist and which ones to choose? Are they necessary or can we even do without them?