How does Soundreef work? What are the advantages of subscribing to this latest generation collection??


Soundreef is a group of companies operating in the field of copyright worldwide. To learn more about “who we are” you can browse their website. The group quickly gained ground and currently manages the collection of various rights for several thousand artists.


There are two types of authoral registration that can be done in Soundreef: IN STORE and COLLECTING. It is important to choose the right one at the time of subscription because it will not be changed later. As far as the work of author and composer is concerned, the way forward is collecting. Registration will always be free whether you are 16 or 100.


The deposit is very lean and intuitive, Soundreef abandons the concept of 24ths and takes you into the year 3000 with percentages of DEM and DRM. Like SIAE, there are minimum or maximum percentages to be respected between the various authors and the publisher. Furthermore, Soundreef does not accept the score but only the MP3 file. The author or publisher has the right to ask for the BLOCKCHAIN ​​certification on their piece, always free of charge, as long as the entitled parties are all registered in Soundreef.


Unlike its main competitor, Soundreef does not have a telephone line, so communication is not immediate. However, they have customer service that responds within a reasonable time.


Interested in the system that Soundreef offers, in which 7 days after the date of the event, you can see the total accrued copyright that you have collected on your dashboard. Another aspect that struck us is the payment of remuneration on a quarterly basis. Really very fast!

One thing that struck me about the Soundreef system is the incredible capillarity of the radio-television monitoring system that shows you the use of your songs on the radio or on TV, specifying the broadcaster and where it is in the world, complete with date and time. Ditto for the online interface where you can see how many times your song is used online.


To terminate your associative relationship with Soundreef, simply go to your personal data on the dashboard and click on “revoke mandate” at the bottom.


Soundreef has tons of strengths, and we’re cheering for her! Starting from the innovations he brought to Italy such as free registration, the blockchain, an online with the bows, the really cheap live licenses compared to the SIAE ones, a tracking of the songs always almost in real time and the fast, clear and analytical payment. at 100%. As weak points it has the lack of capillarity also derived from the lack of repertoire in Italy and the customer service that should be improved.


In conclusion, the choice of the collecting society in Italy should not derive from the fashion of the moment or from what a famous artist chooses. The choice should be prudent in full awareness of the potential that a society of rights expresses for us.

We talked about SIAE ancient but well-rooted systems, and about Soundreef, young and dynamic but still in its infancy and we are sure that the copyright market following its liberalization will be increasingly open to new entrepreneurs who will decide to bring more and more innovations in copyright. We are here to wait!